Design 360

Design 360

From concept to completion, Peddler Interiors full service design team can help usher your dream project into a beautiful reality. With decades of award-winning experience, interior designer Jerome Farris has completed a stunning spectrum of projects from redecorating and home additions to overseeing the construction of custom homes throughout Middle Tennessee. Ensuring your design and building experience is a thoughtful, pleasant process with the most efficient use of your time and resources – here’s an overview of how Peddler Interiors’ Design 360 process works with our valued clients:


Dreaming and planning are important first steps. The designer and the homeowner evaluate priorities focusing on project scope to determine what needs to move, change or be added. How can the home be updated to make it more functional and be a good investment of resources? Peddler Interiors wants to help you achieve your dream and to create an aesthetically pleasing plan.



With the concept details, what design and building professionals are needed? Your Peddler designer will help you determine the scope of the project, space requirements and to evaluate if you need an architect or a professional design/build general contractor. With a proven and resourceful list of creative professionals, we help you finalize a team who implement your plan or help facilitate a successful project with your favorite builder or architect.


Budget and Finish Selection

This part of the plan has to go hand-in-hand in order to determine a factual budget. Peddler’s designers work with clients to determine what cabinet, flooring, appliances and light fixtures are needed for the design plan. From solid experience, Jerome stresses, “I prefer actual, factual numbers with estimates from subs to set a realistic budget.” The legwork in the beginning is critical when working with a contractor to help manage the project budget. From a bathroom remodel to a home space redesign, clients are much happier with a well-managed budget.


Project Management

As a liaison for the client, from architect and contractor to subs and vendors, it is important for the ideas, concepts and vision for the project be kept consistent to work toward the best interest and ensure the final outcome. It has to be implemented correctly to save money in the long-run. When the homeowner isn’t scouring the city or internet, it saves important time. The Peddler has over 40 years of buying experience and works with exclusive lines to help clients pull from a reserve of well-developed, dependable and creative network. Finally, diplomacy, patience, resourcefulness and practicality are part of Jerome Farris’s keys to success in project management.


Construction Completion & Final Punch List

Details, details, details! Have they been implemented correctly? Are the finishes completed and installed to original client and project expectations? These are the important moments where attention-to-detail separates a good project from one well done; big or small, this is always the goal of the Peddler team.


Icing On The Cake!

The construction has been completed on your project. Now begins the fun of weaving together the perfect sofa, artistic window treatments, art and accessories – all the finishing touches to create the final element of your vision. Peddler’s Design 360 means no matter the project size, the Peddler design team treats it no differently than their own home. A smile on the clients’ faces means they are excited and it is a job well-done.


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