The Peddler

Interior Design Showroom – Murfreesboro, TN

Gorgeous accessories. Handcrafted rugs. Unique gifts and bridal registry china, furnishings and fine art. Upscale fabrics and wall coverings. 


When you visit our Murfreesboro interior design showroom, these are just a few of the things you’ll find – and each collection has been carefully cultivated to ensure that we’re only providing you with the finest in interior décor.

What You’ll Find in Our Interior Design Showroom

Our clients are delighted with a wide range of products we have to offer. Our showroom is continuously changing; you’ll discover new pieces, styles and trends with each visit.


We have something for nearly every space, from furnishings and tableware to accessories and fine art.

Living Room and Dining Room Furnishings

You’ll discover distinctive furnishings from a number of highly coveted brands in our interior design showroom, including Century, Sherrill and Marge Carson. We have Jonathon Charles, Chaddock, Stanford and several more, as well.

Tableware, Stemware and Linens

When you’re looking for Juliska, VIETRI or Caskata, we have the tableware and stemware you need to create a perfectly unique space. You can explore our gallery or visit our showroom to discover our beautiful collections.

Bedroom Furniture, Custom Bedding and Bath

In order to transform a standard bedroom into an idyllic paradise, you’ll need bedroom furnishings and custom bedding that reflects your clients’ personal styles – and The Peddler’s carefully cultivated collections can help ensure that you find all the one-of-a-kind pieces you need. Our extensive selection of custom bath accessories and décor can help you turn an ordinary lavatory into a luxurious spa experience, as well.


Our Vast Collections to Beautify Any Home

In addition to furnishings, tableware and other essentials, we have:

Accessories, fragrances and florals

Bridal and baby collections

Fine art and mirrors

Experience Quality and Style Around Every Corner in The Peddler Showroom

Whether you would prefer to visit alone or with a client, guests are always welcome in our Murfreesboro showroom.


Our staff will be ready to help you find the ideal products for any design project when you visit. Our inventory is continually rotating, so to learn more about what’s on display this month, call us at 615-896-5431 or get in touch with us online.